Gulu, Uganda

Cali, Colombia

The Caucasus, Georgia

School Sponsorships & Land Advancement in Gulu, Uganda

Our fundraising goal for 2024 is $15,000 – $9,800 for school fees (April- March ’25) and $5,200 for 3 employee wages.

We have been connected to this group of kids/young adults since 2010 and since 2016 we have had a team of people serving these 16 kids on behalf of NTC.  Kayla Kesner has been heading this effort up on the ground in Gulu for the last couple years and will be transitioning back to NY this summer.  We have a team of nationals that support the kids and their families.  We will continue to work with them through monthly correspondence and trips a couple times a year in this next season.  

NTC has committed to continue sponsoring these students up to S4 grade level (which equates to our high school) and then a trade school (2 years). Our desire is to support them to a place of self-sustaining empowerment while walking with them on their journey with financial, spiritual, and practical support.

We have a couple of the students who have now finished this and it’s beautiful to see them thriving.  Your money goes directly to the school fees and covers their start up supplies each term as well.  

We ask $30/month which equals $360/year and hope to get 35 sponsors each year to accomplish this goal.  This year, 2024 we will only need $9800 = 28 sponsors because we are changing the year and will only need to save up through March 1st of 2025 when we will start a new year again.   Thank you for considering sponsoring and supporting both this child now and for their future as well as the support this gives to allow their families to be in their lives. 

We have had dreams of a church on the Land NTC owns since the day it was purchased.  A portion of the land has been being utilized by a great team that is supporting widows through their animal production efforts.  This has allowed local Christian organizations to benefit from the use of the land while also protecting the land from those wanting to steal it should it stay vacant.  We are thrilled to be talking with Life Church, an MFI church in Kampala, Uganda.  They have planted several churches in and around Kampala, Uganda’s largest city.  This is a prayer ask that you seek God with the leaders of Life Church and NTC as we discuss possible Church Plant in the Gulu area.  

Your other donations will go toward continuing hire of a Ugandan, Alfred, who is helping create and keep running our NGO – NTC Global Gulu, Christo our Social Worker, and Richard who lives on and cares for the land.  Each of these men are so thankful for the jobs provided that help them care for their families and we are so thankful for the work they do to help care for the kids and land.  We all have a dream of what God can do! 

EnCasa Church & The Wardenaar Family in Cali, Colombia 

Our fundraising goal for 2024 is to raise $24,000.  $12,000 for Encase Church and $12,000 for our missionary family the Wardenaars.

EnCasa Church is a Church Plant from NTC Massena in Cali, Colombia, led by Peter and Gloria Wardenaar. 

They started meeting in their home in Cali in April of 2022 with their family and 5 others. By the end of September, they outgrew their home and started meeting in our current space (a small cafeteria in a local seminary campus).  January 15th 2023 was their first official service and they continue to grow and serve their local community. 

At the heart of EnCasa Church is the vision to create a place that feels like home: A Home for Healing, Growing, and Reaching. Healing refers to salvation, deliverance, and a safe place to heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We also want people to grow – grow more in love with Jesus, His Church, and His Word. Ultimately, we are called to reach this world with the Love of Jesus. 

EnCasa Church is a part of the NTC Family and we love our brothers and sisters in beautiful Cali.  We look forward to more and more opportunities to do life together.  One such opportunity is a short term missions trip down there this summer – August 1-10 roughly. Please be praying for this team as they prepare and look out for other ways to support them.   We are excited to have the Wardenaar family visiting us later in August as well.

As a family we want to practically support this church plant with the finances to be able to rent their facility and run Sundays.  We also count it a priority to care for Peter & Gloria by staying connected both with us going their and with making it possible for them to come to the states and be connected to the larger family of churches.  We are looking to raise $12,000 this year to accomplish this goal.  What an honor it is to be able to help others gather as the Church.

The Sokoloff Family in the Caucasus Mountain Region of Georgia 

Our fundraising goal for 2024 is $12,000 to support the Sokoloff family.

Seth & Diana Sokoloff along with their three kids, Tucker, Wren and baby Fletcher have moved to the Caucasus region in Georgia in March of this year.  

Their mission is to: 1. Reaching nationals & creating churches. 2.  Develop a training center to train national missionaries  and 3. Collaborate with work already in motion to support nationals work.

Seth and Diana were missionaries in Kampala, Uganda at Life Church through Mannahouse.  They returned to Portland and worked with Mannahouse Global over the last four years learning, leading and growing – both spiritually and by adding to their family!  We have had the honor of working with Seth over these years and growing in relationship and hearing God’s burden develop.  They are well prepared for this next place God has for them to go and we are excited to get to partner with them as they step forward in faith and with preparation for all God has.